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Encyclopedic information and services for landlords, tenants, property managers, real estate investors, and housing professionals.

This site contains: valuable landlording tools including real estate management and investment information, online e-Courses for education and training, discussion forums, tenant screening information and access to report services, forms & agreements, state pages with summarized landlord tenant law, vacancy listings and much more.

Our webs provide information and education regarding affordable housing, buying & selling income property, collecting judgments, environmental issues, evictions, fair housing, foreclosures, forms and agreements, landlord tenant law, maintenance, raising rents, screening tenants, taxation, vacancy listings, valuing income property, and hundreds of other topics related to rental housing and other income properties.  Additional investor, landlord, and tenant help is provided via discussion forums and e-Courses.

CornerStone Electronic University e-Courses CSEU
offers a Certificate
of Course Completion for each of the below e-Courses.

Income Property Basics - Members Only - Go To Course
This e-course is designed to provide the fundamentals of income property investment and management for those having little knowledge and experience.

Buying & Selling Income Property - Members Only - Go To Course This e-course provides a structured introduction to all the important factors regarding acquiring properties.

Valuing Income Property - Members Only - Go To Course
Knowing the value of a property is important whether buying, financing, or selling income property.

Managing Income Property - Members Only - Go To Course All aspects of management are covered in this e-course.

Buying Foreclosures - Members Only - Go to Course
This e-course provides lessons and discussions regarding the real estate foreclosure process and buying those properties.

Evictions - Members Only - Go To Course
Do it yourself evictions can be very costly if you don't know how.  RHOL has developed an e-course on evictions with extensive information and step by step instruction.

Collecting Judgments - Members Only - Go To Course
You win your case in court, and have your judgment, how do you get your money?  This comprehensive e-course provides step by step instruction.

Invest Web Information about a wide range of subjects related to real estate investment including owner associations, financing, insurance, property selection, selecting professionals, tax issues, and zoning.

Manage Web Information about barrier free, collecting rent and judgments, courts, deposits, leases, maintenance, occupancy, screening, taxes, and a variety of property management subjects.

Rental Web RHOL's largest web, with hundreds of pages covering almost every income property related topic from accounting to zoning.

Real Estate Investor's Web Information that relates more specifically to real estate investors, including buying, financing, taxation, zoning, and more.

Landlords Web and Property Managers Web Information that relates more specifically to each of these two similar groups that often have somewhat different needs.

Tenants Web Information of particular interest and value to tenants, but also of value to managers. Includes tips and discussions of rights, duties, deposits, habitability, evictions, and pets.

Our History

Cornerstone Management Company was created in 1978 to manage income
producing property on behalf of the principals and their associates.
The company grew into real estate brokerage and investment consulting
over the years.

Finally, in 1991, CornerStone Electronic Services was added to provide the necessary computer hardware and training to company clients. Because the principals have always been players in income property investing and management, they have also been active in their state and local rental housing associations, which led to their next big step.

Rental Housing On Line began as a Computer BBS to permit local landlord association members access to tenant screening information and eviction lists - on line. The BBS grew into a very successful interactive site which soon provided association members with the ability to not only access information, but the technology to chat with peers, post vacancy listings and search for prospective tenants from their computer in their own home or office.

As the Internet evolved into a user friendly environment, there was an obvious opportunity to provide many of the same services we had already developed to a much wider group of landlords and investors. However, after getting the site up and running we discovered that many more tenants than landlords were visiting the site and asking for information on tenant rights, landlord tenant law, and even just information on how to find decent, safe, affordable housing.

What you find here so far is a result of our continuing effort to meet the need for information and services to both landlords, tenants, and now the real estate investing community as well. If you cannot locate what you need on our site, or need to find additional resources, please let us know.

We intended to offer everything free and only asked for voluntary contributions, but very few volunteered and our costs kept increasing. Full access to all content and many features requires that one become a supporting member for an annual fee.  For detailed information about membership benefits, visit our Why Join page.

Rental Housing On Line provides information, education and training on a wealth of topics: Accounting & Bookkeeping | Advertising Vacancies | Books & Tapes For Landlords | Associations for Rental Housing | Buying Income Property   | Mortgage Calculators & Tools | Collecting Rent | CornerStone Electronic University | Credit Reports | Developing Income Property | Environmental Issues in Housing | Fair Credit Reporting Act | FAQ Landlords | FAQ Maintenance | FAQ Tenants | Federal Housing Acts | Financial Analyses of Properties | Forms and Agreements | Government Housing Programs | Insurance | Insurance for Tenants | Invest Web | Landlord Tenant Law | Lead Paint | Legislation & Courts | Lighten Up Landlords | Manage Web | Rental Housing Maintenance | Make a Million | Money | News and Commentary | Pets Pages | Political Activism | Property Management | Real Estate on the Web | Rent Rates | Slumlords Page | State & Nation Housing Information | Surf The Web | Taxes On Income Property | Tenant Selection & Screening | Tenant's Home Page | Understanding Mortgages | Vacancy Listings | . .. and much more. ..

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